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 Every giant edifice begins its journey upward with one small brick. Way back in 2016, when East Wast Awas Bikash Company was established everything was fairly modest except its mission. 

We are committed to build a better future, a better tomorrow; we believe business encompasses commitments owed to the society, our immediate environment, our employees on whom the success of the company depends as well as the communities we serve. The principles that guide us in our endeavor are our commitment to excellence and our adherence to ethical and transparent dealings. We are offering a suitable alternative with a new and different concept as per the requirement of time and people. We are dedicated to build sustainable habitats that are energy efficient, light weight, easy and quick to install, strong and durable, and environment friendly.

Jagat Kumar Chaudhary
Managing Director 

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    Food, residence and cloths are the basic necessities of human being. For achieving these three things, every human being used to work for wh...

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